Watch Market Review

Team WMR

Sunil Karer

Associate Director & Feature Editor :
Karishma Karer

Marketing Director :
Attreyee Chowdhury

Business Development & Marketing :
Karan Karer

Bhakti Ishrani Oberoi
Meghna Shah

Writers :
Dhanishta Shah, Nicole Fernandes, Neha Chaddha

Design Co-ordination :
Mary Godinho

Circulation :
Dayanand Chauhan


About Watch Market Review (WMR)

Watch Market Review is Asia’s oldest and most respected professional bi-monthly business journal concerned exclusively with the watch & clock trade and its allied branches. Serving the industry since 1953, Watch Market Review is the one magazine that gives to its readers a complete, in-depth report and a global overview of the latest developments in the world of horology.

Watch Market Review is a link between manufacturers, distributors and retailers in India facilitating business interaction and catalysing growth in the trade and industry.

Our subscribers & readers include Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Retailers, Government Bureaucrats, Policy makers - all those in the Horological trade & industry. From a consumers’ perspective, Watch Market Review is the number one choice for connoisseurs, collectors and enthusiasts.

About Our Vision

In 2009, Watch Market Review, launched the first-of-its-kind news tabloid called ‘Our Vision’ - Positioned as a bi-monthly tabloid dedicated to lovers of watches, clocks and other horological devices.


  • The latest developments in the world of horology - Local and international news
  • Products that represent the best of industrial and artistic design
  • Unique establishments, events, product launches, projects that have recently made their debut.
  • Alluring conversations, interviews, analysis, reports and special advertorials with industry experts.

International Watch Exhibition & Consultancy

Watch Market Review has successfully organized, sponsored and promoted the International Watch Exhibition in Mumbai, India in 2003, 2004 and 2007 that provided a platform for various international brands looking for a representation/base in India. The event, which was very well received by the trade & consumers is slated to be an annual horological event showcasing novelties from around the globe.