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Our Vision - April 2018

Cover Story



 There was a time in the recent history of the Swiss watch industry, when smart watches became, quite literally, the talk of the town. There were mixed reactions to this new entrant. Would it threaten the world of mechanical timepieces? Would it pass off like a fad? Would it create a separate niche and market for itself? Different brands responded differently to this new entrant.

When smartwatches came into existence, Frederique Constant was one of the pioneer brands to fuse classic Swiss horology with smartwatch technology. Thus was born the Horological Smartwatch. The Ladies’ version of the Horological Smartwatch, that is, the Horological Smartwatch Notify Collection continued this mélange with a highly refined look. Over the years they have moved with the times and their smart watch has evolved.

This time round as well, in keeping with classical watchmaking principles, updated with innovative 21st century techniques, the new Hybrid Manufacture by Frederique Constant combines Swiss Made fine Mechanical watchmaking with Smartwatch functionality.


Frederique Constant has combined three unique technologies for the first time ever in Swiss watchmaking: Manufacture, Smart Functions and Calibre Analytics.

The manufacture developed calibre is at the heart of the watch. It is in-house developed, in-house produced and in-house assembled by the Brand. The electronic part of the FC-750 calibre enables the Smart Functions of the Hybrid Manufacture watch. By integrating the two technologies inside a unique calibre, the technological challenge was to delete the negative magnetic effects between the mechanical and the electronical parts. No challenge is difficult for ingenious watchmakers! The brand’s highly skilled designers and watchmakers developed and patented a unique anti-magnetic shield case.

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