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Our Vision - August 2010


WMR - OUR VISION (August 2010)

 August is when the monsoons set in strongly in India with numerous rainbows - and of course the patriotic colours are all in to coincide with the country’s Independence Day.  Talk of cool colours, the DKNY “Spring to Color” collection is a myriad play of innumerable hues that enthral and entice! The Competition 2010 section also comprises the TAG Heuer - Odyssey of Pioneers, which is a mesmerising saga of pioneering designs that will hold you in raptures.   

Talking of endearing designs, the Chopard White Tie & Tiara Ball is a must-have for fashionistas, who have aesthetic tastes and desires. It is a treat for discerning elite, who enjoy having the best in life no matter what it costs. Talking of the infinite preoccupations of the fairer sex, Zannetti has unveiled the Regent Lady “Round Frog” Full-Steel version. A watch for attractive women, who believe that they are as good if not better than their male counterparts! A sign of the times to come when the inhabitants of Venus will become more so!  

The men from Mars are not to be left behind! The Tissot: T-Race - Technicolour comprises a trio of multi-faceted watches, which take motor sport inspiration into the fashion fast lane. And for the man, who tries to give back something to nature and the environment around him, the Seiko World Environment day 2010 adorns the Brand Wagon section. Frederique Constant unveiled the Passion Awards 2010 in a bid to prove that passion is what drives the world forward. Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge 2010 is an ode to the lovers of the sea, who dream of traversing the length and breadth of the globe. Cuervo y Sobrinos - La Roja made his way to Spain’s National Team even as the country scaled the pinnacle of world’s soccer scenario.   

The Bold & Beautiful in the affordable luxury and premium sections comprise the Obaku, which is a 52-year old chair and a coveted new watch for the collectors. Raymond Weil unveils images that will remain transfixed in your memory for a long time till posterity. Breguet displays its strong association with the capital of the East India Company, Kolkata (or should we Calcutta) with the Heritage City Of Kolkata. This rare watch is a pleasure that transports you into days of yore.  

A Rendezvous with John Marcheschi of Guess and Gc helps you get some wonderful insights into the world of marketing, distribution and retailing of a global brand of watches. CITIZEN continues its march of building bridges with the trade community through felicitations and a
special Dealer’s Meet in Colombo.

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