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Our Vision - August 2017


WMR - August 2017

The GST is now finally implemented. It is something that was very intensively discussed and debated, and one of the changes that people were looking forward to. But, has the GST really smoothened things out? It was definitely the most talked about economic move last year and there was a general feeling that things would improve and processes would get streamlined once the GST is implemented. However, time will tell! Any new economic move will need to be tested practically in order to assert the effectiveness. The industry remains positive.

Our cover features the enigmatic Sonam Kapoor talking boldly about issues dear to her. We chat with Ankit Madan, Managing Director at Johnson Watch Co, to glean the current picture of the watch market in India. 

We also look at some really special watches in this issue. These festive months of the year are always good for the watch market. This is the time when brands get active as well and there are many launches and events happening. So, let’s delve right in and look at watches with big dials in Essence of Time and Timepiece Trackers. We explore minimalistic watches as well as watches that make use of very innovative materials. We also look at some of the exceptional pieces that have made their mark in the Only Watches 2017 auctions. That’s quite a heady mix!

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