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Our Vision - Basel 2017




 The wonderful relationship between cars and watches is well-known. For TAG Heuer, many of the brand’s pantheon of Ambassadors have included star racers. The Brazilian racer Ayrton Senna has been revered and respected. He was a key part in the brand’s campaigns. Time and again, TAG Heuer commemorates his genius with fitting horological tributes.

Thirty years ago, Ayrton Senna won the legendary Monaco Grand Prix for the first time. Such a milestone deserves celebration. And, what better way to do that than preview an exclusive collection dedicated to the legend? TAG Heuer thus released a new collection befitting the legend.


One of the firsts in this collection is that the famous Heuer-01 proprietary movement is paired with the Senna design codes for the very first time.

THE CARRERA HEUER-01 CHRONOGRAPH has an imposing 45 mm case, but the chronograph still sits snugly on the wrist. It is in black brushed steel with touches of red. The skeleton dial and sapphire case back are definitely the stars. After all, they give a peek into the mechanical workings and precision engineering of the Manufacture movement!

THE FORMULA 1 WATCHES are the other two watches in the collection. The Formula 1 Chronograph rightly takes on a motor racing look! It features a quartz movement accurate to a tenth of a second. Exactly the kind of precision required! Both models are 43 mm in diameter and sport the black colour, highlighted with touches of red. Black and red…..that’s a nod to racing! Look carefully and you will see that the watches give many hints of racing in the design. The three red lines on the dial allude to tracks left by a speeding race car.

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