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Our Vision - BaselWorld 2018


Hours & Minutes - BaselWorld 2018

The Baselworld Fair, 2018 may have ended in March, but it has left us with many innovative and interesting watches to look at. Watch Market Review was right there at Basel, in the midst of numerous launches, displays and events. This year also marked my 45th year of visiting the Baselworld fair. In retrospect, I am amazed at how the fair has never ceased to inspire me and continuously inundate me with different horological creations, even after four and half decades! It has been a long and interesting journey and I am sure that the charms of Basel will continue into the future as well.

However, I must say that there is a feeling of change in the air. The watch market has changed. Increased prices of participating in watch fairs, use of social media for communication, a slowdown in the global economy and the creation of the smartwatch niche are some factors that have in some way or the other made their impact on the industry. How these factors interact with the way the industry has been traditionally functioning and exhibiting, remains to be seen. What has not changed, thankfully, however, is the creativity of the industry. Watchmakers continue to develop exceptional watches, pushing their limits year after year.

In this issue we highlight the many conversations that we had with our friends in the industry. We talk about different brands and their goals and plans for the year ahead. We also explore different shades of Basel in this issue. We all love colour on our watches! New materials and techniques, as well as new combinations have widened the colour possibilities that come with a timepiece. Colour will add an extra zing to the wearer’s style. this issue looks at the riot of hues you can sport from the watches presented at the Baselworld 2018.

Happy reading!  

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