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WMR - BaselWorld May 2011


WMR - BaselWorld - May 2011

 Every Spring, it’s showtime—the annual Swiss Watch Fashion Week at the tradition-steeped modernity embracing city of Basel in Switzerland. The one-and-only Baselworld International Watch and Jewellery Show, the world’s largest, high-profile and premium flagship event opens and ultimately has a positive stimulating effect and impact on the reputation of the global entire timekeeping industry. This is no doubt an annual eagerly awaited and much anticipated sojourn for watch lovers, collectors, aesthetes and aficionados. As the 39th edition— BASELWORLD 2011, held from March 24-31, unfolded, time was on the ascendant after the lows of2008-2009and the recovery of2010. AtBaselworld2011, business generation never stopped even though time stood still…even as the horological world “looked back to move forward” as its strategy.

Enthusiasts come from far and wide year after year to the Mecca of Time for their annual sojourn! And from the Watch Market Review Group, this year, Karishma Karer, Anieta Vaghaiwalla and Myeself returned to the Baselworld Show with renewed passion and enthusiasm. This special issue is a commemoration and a tribute to our observations, passion, love and commitment to BaselWorld.

At Baselworld 2011, the trends pointed to brands debuting in classic styles, cleaner presentation in line with what today’s consumer craves: a well-made product that is liberal, stylish yet understated.Gone were the days of the oversized cases and diamond-heavy bezels and everyone welcomed simpler, less complicated time machines!Watchmakers took a trip down the memory lane to re-discover the simplicity and beauty of clean dials and marker shapes of bygone eras. History, tradition and legacy became the design philosophy. Once again, the Exhibitors vied with each other in terms of creativity, drawing on the traditional values that have forged the success of Swiss watchmaking through the centuries. Models with simple, elegant lines directly inspired by the Art Deco style of the 1920's and30's and by the classic years of the 1950's and 60's have made a strong comeback.

Historic models have been re-interpreted and re-designed. Geometric shapes, mainly round, have been fashioned in the purest Swiss tradition, combining age-old savoir-faire with a discretion that has now become indispensable. More modest dimensions ingeniously highlight finely worked guilloche, embossed, open worked and multi-layered dials, expressing beauty and simplicity enhanced by quality and precision. There were many innovations too, with several world firsts in the area of movements, functions and design presented alongside models equipped with in-house movements, some with grand complications like tourbillons, perpetual calendars and striking-mechanisms. The key design trends were: Sculptural,Animal Jewels,  Pave’ Setting, Mixed Material, Art Nouveau and even Theatrical. However, to compliment the Back to the Past syndrome, there was Future Fast Forward in terms of watches becoming high-tech convergence devices.

Well, as is usual, Baselworld 2011 made timepieces larger than life and we present this multi-dimensional 360-degree view and perspective of the World Watch & Jewellery Fair. And mark ourwords, you will want to preserve this special Issue for a long, long time!

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