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Luminox Advt
WMR - July 2018

Brand Story


Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000m

 The Promaster Series is specially meant for professionals who want specific functionalities in their watch. Since its launch in 1989, PROMASTER has ruled over the sky, waters and land. Well, this is to say that the three categories of PROMASTER series are called MARINE, LAND, and SKY…. aptly describing the functionalities they offer for climbing, diving, and aviation enthusiasts across the world. Thus, the series offers watches with ideal functions and specs for each category.

The MARINE category concerns the deep oceans. The watches in this category have high functionality, durability and safety for divers who go deep beneath the waters of the seas.

Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000m: a watch for saturation Diving

Aquatic adventures call for timepieces that are meant to work in deep waters. Besides the obvious criteria of being waterproof and using materials that are anti-corrosive, watches for divers have to be easy to operate and quite legible. The relation between time and depth and knowing when to ascend when you are deep down are crucial functions.

This smart and highly functional timepiece (or should we say wrist machine!) is meant for saturation diving. Saturation diving is a special type of diving that enables divers to conduct long-term operations at depths where air diving is no longer possible. Professional saturation divers spend several weeks living in the pressured capsule filled with a mixture of oxygen and helium and conduct operations.

Well, this watch hence performs excellently even in a saturation diving environment, for 1000m saturation diving. The ISO compliant diver's watch naturally has a host of features that are crucial to the purpose. First and foremost, it has a unidirectional bezel. This improves safety by eliminating the danger of a diver accidentally turning the bezel the wrong way during a dive. The Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000m model is equipped with a bezel-locking mechanism.

There is an additional safety feature here. When the bezel lock is set to FREE, the orange warning colour is appeared to warn the user. The crown also has a same mechanism, revealing an orange colour between the case and the crown to tell the owner when the crown is not correctly pushed into a lock mode.

The complete brand story is in Watch Market Review - July 2018 edition from page no. 10 to 13.