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WMR - July 2018


WMR - July 2018

Dear friends,

By the time this issue is in your hands, the FIFA World Cup must have concluded. Indeed, football is increasingly being taken on as one of the most popular sports in the world. It is a craze that is difficult to match. Watchmakers have made their presence felt in this realm as well. Timekeeping is extremely crucial during sport events. Hublot, as Official Timekeeper of the event created an exceptional watch for the same. The Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is Hublot’s first connected watch. It is a unique edition that is limited to 2018 pieces. Watchmakers have forged deep relationships with varied sports and it helps to infuse new synergies into the field.

Recently, we have been thinking about the changing face of watch retail in India. We do know that Indian customers are always up for heavily discounted watches. One of the increasing trends that we see recently, is that of retailers selling Swiss brands at highly discounted prices. Now, we all know that this is not the best time for the watch industry. But, is this the right move in the current scenario? 

In India, we have an influx of brands. Right from the Swiss strongholds, to brands from other countries, there is tough competition. Amidst all this, certain retailers are making it more lucrative to buy Swiss watches by holding regular “sales”. Is this good? Or will it be counter intuitive for the industry in the long run? In the short term, people will get good deals. After all, watches are meant for eternity. It is always a good investment. With more people rushing in only at specific times of the year to get the best deal, will it mean that in the long run, people will not really look at the latest releases, but rather wait till they are offered the same at a discounted price? Will providing “bargaining power” actually benefit the industry in the long-term? As with everything else, maybe time will tell! But, it does throw up a question for us- who’s winning and losing in this whole bargain?

That’s something I leave you to muse about! Meanwhile, do enjoy this issue.

Happy reading!

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Sunil Karer