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Luminox Advt
WMR - November 2016

Cover Story


Entering the golden galaxy…

 The Nebula...

Amidst these varied watches that the brand offers, Nebula constitutes the high end luxury segment. The Nebula collection from Titan represents the grandeur of Indian culture and heritage. It is the ultimate offer of luxury from the brand. It is not only an adornment but also an investment as these timepieces are crafted in 18k gold. These elegant watches are a blend of the rich heritage of Indian jewellery and the fine craftsmanship of watch making.

The Nebula collection comprises a variety of exquisite watches in 18k and 22k gold, both plain as well as embellished with pearls and diamonds. The Nebula range is available in kada and bracelet styles for women besides the classic leather strap style. For men, there are options available in leather strap or pure gold strap.

The complete Cover Story is in Watch Market Review - November issue from page no. 10 to 12.