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Times of Novak Djokovic

 Seiko has long been associated with precision and excellence. Indeed, this reflects in their choice of brand ambassadors as well. Novak Djokovic, the tennis stalwart who rules the world with his game, has been a partner of the brand since the beginning of 2014.

Seiko, as his watch partner has also travelled the globe with him. There have been many watches to commemorate this relationship. In 2017 Seiko is enriching Novak’s collection with a special edition watch that is designed to accompany him on formal evening occasions.

The PREMIER NOVAK DJOKOVIC SPECIAL EDITION watch incorporates Seiko’s unique Kinetic Perpetual caliber. It has the classicism and modernity that have always characterized the distinctive dress watch collection of SEIKO Premier Watches. The special edition has elements of sports design which states the unique style of Novak.

The case has a rose gold tone while the dial is black. This adds a dynamic look to the classic design. The strap combines tradition and sport with its hybrid silicone and leather construction and makes the watch both supremely elegant and very comfortable to wear. Look out for the hints to the game- the dial has a striped pattern, like a perfectly mown grass court and the red tip on the second hand adds a lively but discreet touch. Novak’s ‘D’ emblem graces the crown and the case back carries his signature.

The Kinetic Perpetual gives the convenience to set-and-forget which is perfectly suited for someone with a busy schedule as Novak. As in every Kinetic caliber, the wearer’s movement powers the watch, but, with Kinetic Perpetual, this energy is conserved in a uniquely practical way. If the watch is unworn, it enters sleep mode and remembers the exact time and date for up to four years. As soon as it is picked up again, it awakes and automatically resets itself to the correct time and date. It even adjusts to leap years, up to February 2100!

Now, that’s what we call a star performer!