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Watch Market Review / Our Vision

'Issues From The Past'

Our Vision   December 2018

This is why, for true watchmakers, a watch is a machine…and a complicated one at that! It does tell the time, but in a different and very creative way. When you experience the UR-111C, it is nothing short of having a machine on your wrist.
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Our Vision   BaselWorld 2018

Since that time, Seiko’s expertise in diver’s watches and diver’s watch technology has been well-known. The Prospex watches from Seiko have always honoured this sporty legacy.
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WMR   November 2018

The Octane Signature Line comprises of stainless-steel watches with a hint of sporty metallic colours. The watches are inspired from the world of motor sports. The use of signature elements in hands, indices and crown of these watches is inspired
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Our Vision   June 2018

Hublot has had a long-standing association with football. It all began in the year 2007, when the Swiss Brand developed a Big Bang watch especially for the Mexican Football Federation. Since then there has been no looking back.
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Our Vision   October 2018

“I am proud of this! I’ve never had anything like this done for me before,” he said. As watch lovers we appreciate the fact that Kohli likes to know what’s in his watch. “I wouldn’t wear a watch that doesn’t feel or look good. So, both design and
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WMR   May 2018

These limited edition timepieces take forward the exquisite designs that raga has always stood for. Antique finishes, embossed lotus and dot motifs on statement mother-of-pearl dials…these are just some of the elements that go into this.
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WMR   September 2018

Today, Titan Company Limited, India’s unchallenged leader in watches, jewellery and eyewear, is credited with changing the face of all these industries.
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Our Vision   April 2018

When smartwatches came into existence, Frederique Constant was one of the pioneer brands to fuse classic Swiss horology with smartwatch technology. Thus was born the Horological Smartwatch.
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Our Vision   August 2018

Frederique Constant is a brand known for its affinity to classical design coupled with an attitude of moving with the times. If it has beautifully crafted classical watches, it also has new smartwatches with path breaking technology.
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Our Vision   February 2018

The watch naturally has a larger diameter than other watches in the collection. Still, the Manero Peripheral has retained its exquisite proportions, something that is also true of the piece’s painstakingly crafted dial. The appliquéd wedge-shaped
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WMR   July 2018

Anne Klein
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WMR   March 2018

The Titan Raga-Masaba collection is like a breath of fresh air, moving away from the traditional timepiece sensibilities, but taking hints of Indian tribal motifs and pop art to create a collection that is truly

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