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'Issues From The Past'

WMR   July 2017

Titan has many brands, and there is a Titan for every Indian customer. That in itself is a huge thing. A brand is an attitude; it is in the mind. in terms of product design and quality, and the after sales service, Titan products are awesome.
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WMR   January 2017

With the release of the new film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the excitement for the most epic space adventure the world has ever seen continues to build. Star Wars is a phenomenon that becomes ever more legendary with the passage of time.
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Our Vision   June 2017

This unique piece is also the very first complication within the Generational Icons collection. The Tourbillon Pokémon presents a unique harmony between a prestigious horological complication and the emblem of the millennials.
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WMR   November 2016

When you think of watches in India, Titan is the only name that springs to mind. Indeed, the brand is synonymous with the Indian horological industry. No other watch brand offers such diversity and quality. Right from watches that cost a few
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Our Vision   Basel 2017

The wonderful relationship between cars and watches is well-known. For TAG Heuer, many of the brand’s pantheon of Ambassadors have included star racers. The Brazilian racer Ayrton Senna has been revered and respected. He was a key part in the brand
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WMR   September 2016

Fastrack is indeed India's largest youth fashion brand with a snazzy collection of bags, belts, sunglasses, helmets, wallets and watches. The new collection of watches, the Motorheads range, combines the worlds of watches and automobiles.
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WMR   May 2017

Extravagant celebrations, lavish decorations, multiple ceremonies, magnificent gifts and above all resplendent dresses for wedding are what characterize the wonderful Indian weddings.
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WMR   July 2016

Nazakat is a symphony of precious metals and stones, blending the sophistication of watchmaker's craft with a karigar's aesthetic sensibilities. It is a collection of once-in-a-lifetime, single edition watches, where each watch is painstakingly
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Our Vision   April 2017

Swiss luxury watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen announced Sonam Kapoor as a brand ambassador, earlier this year. Kapoor is the undisputed icon for luxury and fashion in India and around the world. She has made her mark on some of the world’s most
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WMR   May 2016

Bell & Ross is now the official watch partner of the Renault Sport Formula One Team. The alliance of these two French brands, which share the same values, will certainly push the limits of mechanics.
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WMR   March 2017

Titan Edge now in ceramic
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WMR   March 2016

The Swiss brand has designed a new creation inspired by the gothic Style. The accentuated gothic dial complements the design in a perfect flamboyant fashion. The watch is almost Medieval in style with strong curves and points.
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