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'Issues From The Past'

WMR   July 2016

Nazakat is a symphony of precious metals and stones, blending the sophistication of watchmaker's craft with a karigar's aesthetic sensibilities. It is a collection of once-in-a-lifetime, single edition watches, where each watch is painstakingly
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WMR   July 2015

These watches are designed with a traditional touch, almost like a jewel. Here, the watchmaker’s art and the jeweller’s art combine, as if in a divine harmony. Taking inspiration from the royal and rich roots of the
Indian culture these magnificient

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WMR   May 2016

Bell & Ross is now the official watch partner of the Renault Sport Formula One Team. The alliance of these two French brands, which share the same values, will certainly push the limits of mechanics.
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WMR   May 2015

Timex has a long heritage and history. The authentic and iconic American brand is maintaining its competitive edge in the arena of watches by innovating with cutting edge technology in the same. From its earliest days when it moved timekeeping from
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WMR   March 2016

The Swiss brand has designed a new creation inspired by the gothic Style. The accentuated gothic dial complements the design in a perfect flamboyant fashion. The watch is almost Medieval in style with strong curves and points.
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WMR   March 2015

The symbol of the skull may have had negative associations in the past, but not anymore. In the contemporary world the skull becomes positive and merges the philosophy of life with art and workmanship.
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WMR   January 2016

Inventiveness has been an integral part of the DNA of the brand. It has thus produced many iconic watches. One of them celebrates 85 years. The Reverso, the watch with two faces, has been a canvas for expression of several arts and crafts by the
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WMR   January 2015

The iconic American brand Timex had its roots in 1854 with the founding of the Waterbury Clock Company in the town of Waterbury, Connecticut. From its earliest days when it moved timekeeping from the pocket to the wrist, Timex has been synonymous
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WMR   November 2015

Titan RAGA collections have always been very popular with Indian women. The festive and wedding season is the one period in the year where glitter and glamour are a part of every person’s outfit. For the modern Indian woman today, a watch has
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WMR   November 2014

Titan Raga has embodied the essence of the modern Indian woman in its timepieces where élan, style, glamour and sensuality fuse with an element of classic timelessness. Raga collections have showcased the themes of Pearls, Opera, Cities, Diva
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WMR   September 2015

Titan has brands and collections that cater to people who are fashion conscious, for whom watches stand for their functionality, who value excellence in craftsmanship, who wear their watches as a reflection of their personalities, watch collectors
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WMR   September 2014

Probably the one thing that makes this brand stand out from many other Swiss brands in India is the focus on classic couple’s watches and the association with romance. The group is known to be a model for couple watches.
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