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Our Vision - August 2013

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The Dior VIII Grand Bal collection launched in 2011, pays tribute to the innate feeling and appreciation Dior’s founder had for parties: a taste for the essential, allied to the art of futility. Similar to the hours spent creating a ball gown, each timepiece in the collection amalgamates the finest mechanics with the ultimate sense of detail that adorns it.

Playing with the couture codes of the inside and outside of a garment, each timepiece is animated by the “Dior Inversé” calibres, developed by Les Ateliers Horlogers Dior, located at La-Chaux-de-Fonds and the Swiss manufacture Soprod. Eighteen months were spent in the making of each complication, so that they could proudly house the oscillating weight of the automatic movement on top of the dial - its sway recalling a ball gown’s swirl.

The “Dior Inversé” calibre on the Dior VIII Grand Bal models is the perfect illustration of Dior watchmaking, at the crossroads between audacious Parisian creation and exacting Swiss know-how,” says Laurence Nicolas, President - Dior Timepieces.

The party continues in 2013, more wonderful than ever, with the Dior VIII Grand Bal “PLUME” Pink Gold and Ceramic. A graceful oscillating weight like a feather petticoat in fawn tones and a setting of 131 diamonds, delicately illuminate the weight and present exclusivity. The feathers on every timepiece take 3 days of work to set. Each cut down and chosen individually for their colour and homogeneity. The diamond set bezel has 62 baguette-cut diamonds (22 carats) adjusted to perfection.

For the House of Dior – the celebration never stops.