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How has the past year been for Casio?

This year has been a little flat. Many Swiss manufacturers are struggling. Compared to other competitors, I feel we are doing quite well. but yes, it’s not an easy market. Due to the Chinese market demand drop, many Swiss manufactures have been affected. The smartwatches too are affecting demand. Casio is not only a real watch manufacturing, but we have accumulated long years in technology. So, we started our smartwatch last year. We will soon start another one as well. We are able to handle both these worlds. Our analogue watches are doing well, as they are not just simple
analogue watches. They are driven by technology inside. Casio thus has a unique positioning in this market. We have a unique know-how and we have a unique position in the future.

Have recent policy changes affected Casio sales in India?

We are doing quite well in the Indian market. Last year, the demonetization was there. I admire the brave decision. It has been a good shock! The business was affected like our computer business as well. But overall we are good in the Indian market!

The G-Shock is getting more premium…

We have the new G-Shock in Titanium..the MR-G. There is a radio control and GPS inside. The new one also has Bluetooth. The latest one has carbon coating. We cannot produce many quantities as everything is handmade. We also have the Casio Connected. It has a hybrid GPS. We have our own timeserver network. It receives the latest information into the watch. We had a smart outdoor watch last year as well, but we were not in many countries.

The complete interview is in Hours & Minutes on pg no. 15 in the BaselWorld 2017 - A Speical Report.