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Luminox Advt.
Our Vision - Basel 2017




This is the reintroduction of the brand in the market. What led to it?

We have come to Basel to show what we have done in the past three years for the brand. We can definitely say that it was highly successful. We have good response. The joy and pleasure of seeing people love the brand has been resurrected. People love that it is back. There are few brands in the world that have such a rich history. It makes people feel good. It gives a feeling of authenticity. We are happy that we are back.

Would you say that Favre Leuba is an independent watchmaking brand?

I would claim that definitely. We are standing on our own feet. Every independent brand has an investor and needs infusion of funds. We also have a strong parent company. But the way we act and react is like an independent brand.

Titan acquired the brand in India in 2011, but Favre Leuba celebrated its premier in India in December 2016. What took it so long to launch?

They acquired the brand, put it in the portfolio and they were thinking. These things are the big picture and you need to have it. They started to reach out to people. They were gathering information and doing analysis. I was approached in 2014. Then the whole train started to move.

The launch in India almost coincided with the demonetization move. Do you feel it affected your sales and market?

Actually not so much! Everybody was caught on the wrong foot. When people asked us during the launch what I felt about it, I always said, short term pain, long term correct! It may be hard in the beginning. You can see India is planning long-term. The results we have seen here are very encouraging. We have not positioned the brand at an absolute luxury level. We linked it back to the hey-days of the brand. It is a premium high perceived value brand. We are good in India!

The complete interview is in Hours & Minutes on pg no. 21 in the BaselWorld 2017 - A Speical Report.