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Our Vision - Basel 2017




The past year has not been really good for most brands globally. How has it been for Frederique Constant?

It was a tough year. I must say that we dropped a bit, in single digits, but compared to the industry we can be happy. But are expecting growth this year.

Any change in strategy to counter the current scenario?

Actually, if you look at it, we are already in the right positioning. The mix that we have is one of the best. I believe that for a brand it is important to keep the strategy same. There are changes and ups and downs, but in the end you may be forced to change the strategy but it is very important to first focus on your mission. Our mission is to provide great watches.

You have been instrumental in the smartwatch arena as well. What’s new in the smartwatch for this year?

We now even have the call and message notification options. The watch will vibrate and the hands will go 10 past 2 and you know you have a message! You can choose on the app if you want to get notification from a specific number.

The complete interview is in Hours & Minutes on pg no. 16 in the BaselWorld 2017 - A Speical Report.