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Can you talk about the new Ceramic Edge?

Titan Edge has always occupied a special place in the watch connoisseur’s heart. It embodies our pioneering spirit in watchmaking. With Edge Ceramic, the challenge in the project was maintaining the hallmark Edge-like thinness in Ceramic, an extremely hard but brittle material. Yet, Titan has once again made a mark with Edge Ceramic - a confluence of class and craftsmanship. The market response to the collection too has been emphatic.

What would be the impact of GST on the market?

The introduction of GST is a welcome move and is going to bring about a degree of stability in the industry from a long-term perspective. It should also help consolidate mature consumer categories like watches to be more organised and structured. We hope that the rates of taxation are in line with the current trends to ensure that our end consumers get the best value from manufacturers.

Can you talk about the Brand’s performance in the last financial year?

Last year was a particularly challenging year for everyone. The watch category itself, was under severe pressure for growth owing to various market and macroeconomic conditions. Despite this, we witnessed a healthy growth
in 16-17. One of the key factors for growth is the strength of our brands – something that we’ve invested in consistently over many years. The other important factor is our extensive distribution footprint; which has grown significantly over the last 4-5 years and gives us a distinct advantage in a dynamic marketplace.

How has Juxt Smartwatch fared? This year, Baselworld saw many smartwatch releases. It seems the category is here to stay.

Titan Juxt was our first step in the smartwatch journey. Launched in Jan 2016, we had 3 variants priced between 16k to 18k. The traction was way beyond our expectations as we sold out within 6 months of introduction. Globally, the market for wearables has been growing exponentially, while in India it’s still at its nascent stage. We strongly believe that in the category of smart wearables, our strategy should be consumer led. With the right mix of technology, design and consumer focus, we believe that there is a huge opportunity in this space and we’re in the right position to leverage that.

The complete interview is in Hours & Minutes on pg no. 12 in the BaselWorld 2017 - A Speical Report.