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Our Vision - Basel 2017




What is the direction for 2017?

In general, 2017 is a very unpredictable year with many uncertainties as global trade is concerned. Titoni’s aim is to keep the level of last year’s sales-figures and to look for hidden opportunities. Internally, we have sharpened our brand positioning and thus have created the new claim ‘True Quality Time’ since 1919. We also have elaborated a new advertising concept based on this positioning. Furthermore, we have equipped and continue to equip some of our Points of Sale with a new shop decoration.

Can you talk about your market in India?

We entered the Indian market about one year ago. It’s an opportunity and a risk at the same time. Besides hard work, we’ll need some more patience to see if the market responds positively to our watches.

In terms of collections, which are the ones that are popular in Asian markets?

Generally speaking, all our series can sell in the Asian markets. Titoni does not produce any models with an “Asian feature” in our collection (with the exception of limited series in case of a historical/cultural event). There are, of course, differences between, let’s say, customers´ preferences in China or in India. While the Chinese clients have always preferred automatic watches, it is not necessarily the case with customers in India. At the moment, we can say that Titoni’s Master Series as well as the Airmaster are our most popular series. For ladies, we can say that the Mademoiselle by Titoni – a Quartz series – attracts lots of attention.

The complete interview is in Hours & Minutes on pg no. 5 in the BaselWorld 2017 - A Speical Report.