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With the Louis Moinet Space Mystery, the Independent watchmaker stuns the watch world once again with an impressively detailed and exceptionally beautiful watch. “The name space mystery, actually comes from a meteorite coming from the cosmos, but we don’t know from where. What we do know is there are amino acids within it, and these are possibly one of the first forms of life in the universe,” explains Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO and Creative Director.

The Louis Moinet Space Mystery thus benefits from this special material sourced from the depths of the cosmos. The magical hue, aptly called Magic Blue suits the dial. “It is a satellite tourbillon rotating around a central axis having a small planet as the rotating axis. We also have a little piece from the moon and a little piece from Mars!” says Schaller.

Schaller explains that the watch comes in a limited edition of 8, as this number is the symbol of infinity! “We make watches in limited editions. We have had the chance of having some important collectors and ministers, and heads
of states as our clients. Every time we create a new watch we want to do something that does not exist,” he says. Well, the Louis Moinet Space Mystery, the world’s first satellite tourbillon, certainly fits that criteria!