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MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser has infused awe and wonder in truly incredible creations. “This is the first time that I have created a horological machine that has not come from my childhood! This was generated because four years ago, when I was on a beach holiday with my wife, she was stung by a jellyfish. The next whole week, while swimming in the sea, we were always on the lookout for one! I then thought, why not do a mechanical jellyfish? With the jellyfish, there is a transparent dome and then tentacles. You’ve got the same thing here. There is a sapphire dome and this incredible flying tourbillon…and then there are the tentacles…the rotor made of titanium and platinum…which symbolizes the tentacles. It is the same story. The tentacles bring food to the jellyfish, and here, the rotor brings energy to the barrel which sends energy to the brain,” explains Büsser.

This was the first time Büsser was talking of water in his creations. This led to putting a diving bezel, though the watch is not a diving watch. “We have deconstructed its watchmaking and constructed it into a kinetic art piece! So we have the ceramic diving bezel. Everyone just thinks it’s there to look good…but it actually works. Its floating around the whole core. If you are very courageous you can go diving with it…you can see that there is a triangle on the minutes, and another one as well which will help count the time that you have been in the water. To read the time, the spheres of concentric hours and minutes turn around. They are made from titanium and aluminum to be as light as possible” he concludes.