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Tell us about your passion for fine watchmaking. How did it all begin?

I was born in the Vallée de Joux, in the heart of the Swiss Jura. I think I was lucky enough to see beautiful watches from different manufactures. When I did technical schooling, my education was about precision mechanics. I worked at producing watch parts. I worked in a production company. I had an engineering background, and then I studied for an MBA. There was a time then that I thought of now getting over to the watchmaking side as well.

What drives the passion to create beautiful watches?

If something has been made even a hundred years back, it can still be adapted. we have to be creative in the times that we live. I believe in the evolution of tradition. I am very respectful of the past and of the watchmakers who opened the roads for us. However, our role is to continue to keep watchmaking creative.

How would you convince someone to buy from an independent brand like yours as compared to other luxury brands?

I have seen that there is a space for craftsmanship and small quantities, as well as great quality. I clearly saw that there is a space for collectors who want great finishing and exclusivity. I never compete on price points with brands. I just put in all the best that I can design without any compromise. The collectors are waiting for a level of watchmaking that was there in the past. I am interested in aesthetics, design and creativity. I see more and more collectors who appreciate aesthetics.

Let’s talk about the Logical One…

It is a watch that was really admired for its exceptional finishing and aesthetics. When I first created the watch, I put a lot of pressure to making it. It wasn’t only to create something complicated but to create something that has the sense of watchmaking. We always talk of precision and there is a constant talk of the fuse chain. I placed a lot of
energy into the idea. When we received a price for that watch, it made me feel that we have to continue the spirit and philosophy of the brand.

The complete interview is in Hours & Minutes on pg no. 26 in the BaselWorld 2018 - A Special Report.