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How has the first quarter of the new year been for the brand?

We are glad to say that we have maintained the level of last year so far. As you know, 2017 was very unpredictable, with numerous uncertainties due to the ups and downs in global trade. However, we were thankful that we did not fall back too far in 2017. Thanks to our focus on the production of classic, Swiss-made watches of the highest quality at affordable prices, we were able to maintain our niche as an independent company amidst the big groups.

What is the direction for 2018?

Our aim is to keep sales on the same level as 2017, hopefully with a slight growth. As you know, our production capacity is limited, but we hope that we can make the most of our capacities and thus serve the needs of our clients worldwide. Of course, competition is getting fiercer as the big groups literally try to occupy each and every inch of space in the watch market. But we believe that smaller, independent companies like ours benefit consumers who still want to have a choice when buying a watch. Therefore, we will try to do our best and be there for them as an alternative to the watch collections of big groups and to enhance the offering of watches in the mid-price segment.

Can you tell us about some of your latest releases?

We have a few new models in our popular COSMO series. They come with a fresh design, giving the classic series a modern interpretation. The unique design comes from a wave-shaped, fluted bezel. This seems to extend the watch dial into an invisible flow of space and time, bringing harmony to the powerful look with a touch of elegance. And
in a few weeks’ time we will be launching some new models in our legendary AIRMASTER series. Some of these will come with striking baguette stones that are set as hour indexes. I believe that this design will also prove to be very much to the taste of our customers in India.

The dust after demonetization and GST has settled. Are you positive about the Indian market?

We are always positive about the future. And this also holds true for India. If we weren’t, we would not have re-entered the Indian market in 2016. Naturally, we knew that where there are chances, there are also risks. And of course, demonetization and the GST came as a surprise to us. However, as you rightly said, the dust has settled and we now have to see what our future in India holds. Up to now, we have not raised our prices. In fact, all of the disadvantages that GST entailed have been borne by the manufacturer (Titoni) and the distributor so far. In the near future, we will have to decide on lowering the profit margin, and whether or not to adjust the prices for our watches

The complete interview is in Hours & Minutes on pg no. 9 in the BaselWorld 2018 - A Speical Report.