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Titan Raga personifies the contemporary Indian aesthetic of modern Indian women. Its latest collection designed by Indian fashion designer Masaba Gupta features unique designs and striking motifs. The Titan Raga-Masaba collection is like a breath of fresh air, moving away from the traditional timepiece sensibilities, but taking hints of Indian tribal motifs and pop art to create a collection that is truly contemporary.

These limited edition timepieces take forward the exquisite designs that Raga has always stood for. Antique finishes, embossed lotus and dot motifs on statement mother-of-pearl dials…these are just some of the elements that go into this.

There are several elements that adorn the watch designs- polka and lotus indices, the ‘Jali’ patterned dial, conch shell motifs, crystals, stars and of course, not to forget, the Masaba charms! All these lend a distinctive personality to the varied watches.

Together, Titan Raga and Masaba introduce a new contemporary collection for the new woman of today. Style and heritage meet seamlessly in a collection that is destined to be timeless.