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What comes to your mind when you think about watchmaking in India? Undoubtedly,

Titan is the name that consistently symbolizes everything related to watches. One of the most unique aspects of the watchmaking giant is the sheer reach of the brand in terms of the gamut of watches it offers and the customer base. Right from simple watches, the dressy ethnic ones, fancy trendy ones for the youth, elegant jewellery pieces for the high-end customers, or smart watches for an entirely new clientele, Titan has it all. Its numerous sub-brands have something for everyone.

However, this October, it was time to celebrate something special. Titan Nebula celebrated 20 years. What better way to commemorate the occasion than by a special visit to the Headquarters and the factory where the Nebula magic unfolds?

Hours and Minutes was honoured to be a part of select invitees to celebrate 20 years of Nebula. Associate Editor Karishma Karer chronicles the journey…


Headquartered at Bengaluru, Titan has various manufacturing units. However, I visited the plant at Hosur. This has the distinction of being the very first plant by the company. I set off expecting to see the varied processes that went into the making of a Nebula watch. Once the visit was completed however, I realized the “World of Titan” is actually a philosophy that reflects in not only the products but also the very ethos of the brand.

The Hosur Factory is the parent plant of the company and hosts a movement manufacturing plant, watch case manufacturing plant, movement assembly and gold case manufacturing plant. 400 employees work here. The Hosur factory also provides the space for the pilot assembly for new products. Once the process and techniques are finalized here, they are transferred to other plants.

The capacity of the movement assembly section is 6 million per year. An interesting thing that I saw here was that most workers were women. It turns out that 90% of the workers are women. The assembling requires a lot of precision work, eye-hand coordination and patience! Titan employs local women who take up this vocation. They recruit them from schools and train them over time at the training centre. “In the 1980’s, when Titan set up the factory, the founding team decided that they would not get trained labour from other places, but instead, recruit the locals. There are people working here who came in just out of school, and have spent their whole working life here! The Assembly section requires a lot of hard work and precision. Women are good at that. The women who work here become prosperous. There is a ripple of prosperity that happens because of women getting employment. There is a lot of good karma that the founders have done. It was a conscious decision. While both men and woman were recruited from the fields around, more women were recruited. We have factories in other areas as well, and we recruit from the neighborhood,” explains Suparna Mitra, Chief Marketing Officer, Titan Watches and Accessories, Titan Company Limited.

The complete story is in Hours & Minutes on pg no. 4 & 5 in the December 2018 edition.