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Our Vision - December 2018

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We have now come to associate Prospex with sporty and stylish…..a combination that works very well today. Prospex watches have been the go-to watches for sports lovers and adventure seekers. And yes, it does not matter if they are in the air, land or water…their functionality remains supreme.

This new series, the Street Series is based on a classic watch by Seiko- one of Seiko’s innovative professional diver’s watches, the world’s first diver’s watch with a titanium case. This is now executed in very modern style. Aluminum has been used for the case as well…. and the case has been fashioned with a 3D look, quite architectural in a sense! The reinforced case is lightweight and yet robust. It also uses reinforced silicon bands that can withstand harsh operating environments. A leather pattern process is applied to the high-strength silicone accordion strap. The camo-pattern dial is also quite attractive! These are vibrant pieces with beautiful colours- blue, grey and navy taking over!

We love the elegant and sporty look of this watch. As the name suggests, it is the perfect piece to wear anywhere- whether on an adventure or not!