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Last year was difficult for most brands, due to the slowdown of the global economy. How was the year for Vacheron Constantin, and how do you perceive this year will be?

I think that the prospects at the end of 2017 were quite good for the watch world and for us. You can see it at SIHH which is very dynamic and positive this year. This year, we have come out with a new collection and a lot of novelties. We look at 2018 with ambition and optimism.

In terms of collections, what is the focus for 2018 going to be?

Well, the 56 collection is definitely one of the highlights. We are also complementing the existing collections, like with the novelties on the Overseas collection. We have the dual time complication and a new perpetual calendar as well. We have novelties for the Traditionelle line as well, in the form of a new tourbillon. Then of course we have the Métiers d’Art collection. This year we have a beautiful watch combined with a complication. Les Aérostiers uses plique-à-jour enameling and the models are dedicated to the first air-balloonists. It is going to be a busy semester!

It seems that the brand is focusing on affordable luxury in a big way. What are your thoughts on this direction?

Affordable is always a funny notion…especially when we talk about a watch that could have the price of a car! This is not affordable, but it is a good point of entry for Vacheron Constantin high watchmaking. In the 56 collection, there is one steel piece and then we go higher and have the all-gold pieces. It is a conscious choice to occupy that position.
Launching a steel watch that is elegant…it is great to add that to what we offer to the market in general. It is easy to wear every day and still it is classic. It is for a new generation of watch collectors.

The complete interview is in Hours & Minutes on pg no. 10 in the February 2018 edition.