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WMR - January 2017



Ved Prakash Karer

We mourn the sad demise of Ved Prakash Karer, who passed away at the age of 97. More than six decades ago, he started Watch Market Review, Asia’s oldest watch magazine.

Today, as we honour his memory in the pages of the magazine that he so lovingly started, we delve into the past to see how it all began. As an importer of watches, he used to travel extensively from shop to shop and city to city to seek customers and watch lovers. He soon started making flyers in order to impart information about watches to his customer base. Very soon, Bentex Strap Manufacturers approached him to place an Ad in his flyers. The magazine was thus born!

His son Sunil Karer has taken the magazine to greater heights. Today, the bi-monthly has evolved into one of the most trusted voices in horological journalism. It continues to meet the changing demands of the market. The next generation is also a part of this endeavour, with Karishma Karer as the third-generation entrepreneur in this business.

Even as we deeply feel his loss, we celebrate his glorious life of 97 years. May his soul rest in peace!