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WMR - January 2017

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ACT in action!

Sonata, India’s largest-selling watch brand from Titan Company Limited, part of the TATA group, launched their safety watch called ACT – App-Enabled Coordinates Tracker - designed exclusively for women. This one-of-a-kind safety watch makes use of custom-made technology and will interface with the user’s smartphone to trigger distress alerts to a network of designated recipients when needed.

Sonata ACT uses technology to bring tangible value for customers. This path-breaking product caters to the Indian audience at accessible price point (Rs. 2,749 to Rs. 2,999), with a look and feel that is functional yet stylish.

The Sonata ACT watch is complemented with a mobile application to be downloaded onto the user’s smartphone. By making use of Bluetooth, the watch will interface with the mobile to trigger distress alerts to a network of designated guardians. The alert message will provide details of the user’s location co-ordinates to be sent to the guardians via an in-app alert as well as SMS.