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WMR - January 2017

Talk of the town


First monobrand boutique in Mumbai

The commercial capital of India is a city that many watch brands gravitate towards. After all, Mumbai has an enviable share of watch collectors and connoisseurs. Swiss watch manufacturer, Ulysse Nardin opened its first monobrand boutique in Mumbai, in November 2016. The store in Borivali houses some of the most iconic and exquisite collections of the brand.

Patrik P. Hoffmann, CEO of Ulysse Nardin, was in town to take the brand through its chapter in Asian history. “Ulysse Nardin has always laid great emphasis on innovation and independence. Part of the Kering Group, Ulysse Nardin aligns with the company’s unwavering commitment to quality and luxury. At the same time, we believe independent retailers are an important part of the brand experience. With this in mind, we open our monobrand Ulysse Nardin boutique in Mumbai, a city as replete with character as it is with the idea of luxury.”, said Hoffmann.

Promising a range of unique collections that have come to define the brand, the Mumbai boutique will be a one- stop destination for all things Ulysse Nardin. This venture has dotted the city’s horological map with one more veritable offering!