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Luminox Advt
WMR - January 2017

The Essential


Edifice and Sheen

The Edifice EFR-106SG 7A5VUDF is an elegant watch for the man with a discerning taste…this one has a delightful combination of silver and pink gold colour on the bracelet. Its layered dial design is kept minimalistic yet powerful which adds a unique look to the overall watch face. Large dial hands with great colour combination in Edifice Analogue watches makes them stand tall and out of the cluttered style. For women, the Sheen SHE-3046SGP-7AUDF has indeed spread its
sheen all over! The Roman numerals on the dial lend a hint of vintage while the over-all look is highly contemporary. Dual tone rose pink SWAROVSKI’s sparkling crystals steal the show. The watch has a hint of glamour while the clear dial gives the time at a mere glance.