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Luminox Advt.
WMR - January 2017

Time Unleashed



The moon phase has been a part of the Manufacture since 2002, but this edition enhances it with a particularly realistic approach - by combining the display with a day/night indicator. A separate solid-gold moon pursues its orbit in the foreground. Behind it, a celestial disc, also made of solid gold, performs exactly one revolution every 24 hours.On the disc, the different times of day are represented by varying blue hues caused by interference effects. During the day, it shows a bright sky without stars, while at night it depicts a dark sky with prominently contrasting laser-cut stars. Thus, the moon always orbits against a realistic background that doubles as a day/night indicator when setting the watch. Couple this with the exceptional calibre based on the Lange 1 movement introduced two years back, and you’ve got a technical masterpiece that indeed reflects the sky on your wrist!