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Luminox Advt
WMR - January 2018

The Essential



This stainless steel watch is the ideal companion for modern women. In a sense it embraces the multifaceted character of the woman of today - an independent thinker who challenges convention and has a unique style. In this watch, aesthetic beauty and functionality combine in a look that is feminine but at the same time strong, distinctive and sporty. The name Sea Bird in itself encapsulates the image of freedom, independence and weightlessness. These are the very qualities that the watch wants to convey. At 37 mm, it is just the perfect size for women. The main functions of the watch include hours, minutes, seconds and date display. The elegant dial is starlight white with its sophistication enhanced with luminous index markers. Favre-Leuba has been known for its highly functional watches and the distinctive look that they carry. With this offering for women, the brand is all set to appeal to a steadily growing group of female watch connoisseurs.