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Luminox Advt
WMR - January 2019

SIHH 2019



Well, with HYT what we definitely know is that time is fluid! The brand has carved a unique niche in the time-telling world. It uses fluids to tell the time. Ever since its inception, the brand has had a pulse on this aspect of time telling Time flows, and so does HYT’s exceptional creativity! At first look, the 3D element of the entire construction is quite appealing. The making of the watch has called for great technical sophistication. This includes a patented micro-fluidic module as well as a specially developed APRP mechanical movement. There is a diamond guilloche decoration on the minute and seconds discs. The new timepiece has the words “Time is Fluid” on the flange, reminding the wearer of its linguistic connotations! The execution of the dial will make you feel as if you are staring into a transparent dome of time, where time flow is expressed in angles. The watch is available in two limited editions - one in 18 carats gold and the other in stainless steel. A modern, mindful and meaningful way to interact with time!