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WMR - January 2019

Talk of the town

Casio India and Honda Racing

Time and Speed

The relationship between cars and watches is legendary. The craft of watchmaking shares many parallels with motorsport. Are not both fields mechanical and machine driven in nature? Moreover, both make use of extraordinary and innovative technology, such as their high degree of precision, the use of gears and cams. Not surprisingly, people who love cars, love watches and vice versa. Innovation, revolutionary spirit, reinventing boundaries and the quest for the highest possible perfection…these are all part of performance engineering in watchmaking and making cars.

Closer home, there is a robust partnership that everyone is talking about- the one between Casio India and Honda Racing. The resultant timepiece, the new EQS-800HR is a solar-powered watch with the dial made from carbon fibre, a material indispensable in motorsports. Both Casio and Honda are companies that have state of the art technology for their respective products. The watch is an apt way to
depict this technological finesse.

The complete article is in Watch Market Review - January 2019 edition on page no. 24.