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WMR - July 2011



“RSS” (Real Silent Sweep) technology from “Ajanta

Since 1971 “Ajanta Limited” acclaimed for its world class “Ajanta Quartz” Wall clocks, being a group who have pioneered to produce better & better quality standard products in its segment to World Market, got the fame of being the “The World’s Largest Clock Manufacturer.” Company also has other products in its wings such as Timepieces, Calculators, Phones, Home Appliances, Fans, Electrical Switches in the name of “Orpat”.

“Ajanta Limited” has now taken a significant step towards innovation in Horological industry in wall clocks. The Group is glad to announce its launching of a new High Technology Movement for the first time in the World, manufactured in India called as “RSS”(Real Silent Sweep) Technology. The Uniqueness of this High Tech “RSS” Movement is that, it’s functionally Smart & Noise-free without any Tick-Tick sound which arises due to sweeping rotation of Second Hands as in conventional Clocks.

“RSS” technology is a boon to all categories of people - from Kids to Older Individuals, who prefer absolute silence during their Sleeping or Working.

The complete feature is in Watch Market Review July 2011 issue on page # 56 & 57