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WMR - July 2018

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Hong Kong Trade and Development Council (HKTDC)

Strengthening trade bonds

India and Hong Kong have been significant trade partners and this is a relationship that is ever expanding. India is Hong Kong 7th largest trading partner. In the first half of 2018, the total trade value between Hong Kong and India amounted to USD 14.4 billion. In particular, Hong Kong’s total export to India amounted to USD 8.3 billion and total import value from India reached USD 6.1 billion.

Adding to these business advantages, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) organises more than 30 exhibitions each year to bring together buyers and suppliers from both economies to develop their business.

The picture of the range of products and industries that are an integral part of this exchange is indeed overwhelming. Industries including precious & semi-precious stones, jewellery, electronics, IT, and textile are the ones where bilateral trade is very significant. Indian exports to Hong Kong primarily include pearls, precious & semi-precious stones, electrical machinery, leather, cotton, fish & crustaceans, silk, copper, organic chemicals, machinery and plastics.

Indian imports from Hong Kong include pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, telecommunications and sound recording and reproducing apparatus and equipment, electrical machinery, apparatus, appliances and electrical parts, optical & medical instruments, clocks & watches, miscellaneous manufactured articles, printed matter, plastic and articles thereof.

Foreign Direct Investment to India from Hong Kong has been increasing in recent years. Hong Kong is also a major sourcing center for Indian companies and it has emerged as a major re-exporter to Mainland China of items it imports from India.

Rajesh Bhagat, HKTDC Mumbai Consultant announced that nine international fairs, which cover watches and clocks, fashion, electronic products, lighting products, green products, spectacles as well as wine and spirits, will be held in Hong Kong from September to November 2018. These fairs will serve as idea platforms for traders and suppliers from India to expand their businesses into new markets.

The HKTDC Trade Fairs: A general view

The HKTDC fairs offer a one-stop marketing and sourcing platform for businesses in both the countries. These fairs attract global buyers and indeed turn out to be a very global platform. The direct marketing of goods and services to global buyers is phenomenal.

The forthcoming fairs this year are as follows

• HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) (13-16 October 2018) ?
• ElectronicAsia (13-16 October 2018) ?
• Eco Expo Asia – International Trade Fair on Environmental Protection (25-28 ?October 2018) ?
• HKTDC Hong Kong International Outdoor and Tech Light Expo (26-29 ?October 2018) ?
• HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) (27-30 ?October 2018) ?
• HKTDC Hong Kong Optical Fair (7-9 November 2018) ?
• HKTDC Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair (8-10 November 2018) ?

HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair

The HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair and the concurrent Salon de TE will open is ongoing from 4-8 September 2018 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). The Watch & Clock Fair is expecting around 830 exhibitors from over 20 countries and regions, including new comers from Poland and South Africa. In 2017, the fair welcomed more than 20,000 buyers from all over the world, reinforcing Hong Kong’s role as the trade hub of timepieces.

With closer collaboration between India and Hong Kong a stronger bilateral trade relationship and more business opportunities will be developed. Against this background, HKTDC, continues to assist in bolstering bilateral trade relations between India and Hong Kong.