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Luminox Advt.
WMR - July 2018

Time Unleashed



This watch commemorates the Apollo-soyuz mission in 1975. This event was special as it was the first joint space mission between the soviet union and the united states of America, despite the superpowers being in midst of a cold war. When the two spaceships were docked in space, astronaut Alexey Leonov opened up a new world of peace and cooperation with his first interstellar handshake with Commander Thomas stafford. The skylink’s dial depicts this interstellar glory in abundance, with colours reminiscent of a nebula. Look out for the special feature- a micro capsule containing a fragment of Kapton foil, the polyamide fabric which protected Apollo on its return to earth on July 24, 1975, together with fibres from the Russian sokol-K spacesuit!