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Luminox Advt
WMR - March 2016



A conversation on going the smart way….


Basically it caters to people who want something that is slightly more classical… and yet, who want a smartwatch.


The watch provides the usual notifications that are expected from a smartwatch - calls, SMS, mail, social stuff like WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Messenger etc are all there. If you have any other app on your phone that pushes notifications, you can see all of these on the watch, for example, news, or shopping sites. The good part is that you can still scroll and read it on the watch screen itself. A four-line message on the phone, could be read entirely on the watch. It gives you a choice whether to respond to it or not…


It is very simple. It’s called Titan Juxt. It has the activity tracker wherein you can choose and set daily goals. It is the world clock that can set up around five new location timings, apart from the local time. This part is dependent on network connectivity. You can choose what notifications you want to switch on, based on your requirements. You can choose options related to the displays and brightness.


It also has a special vibrating intensity and a special vibration language- for call, SMS, email and so on. So you won’t have disturbing and distracting flashes! You can change the intensity of the vibration on the watch. As you use whatever you use, it keeps getting added. You can silence notifications on the watch during a certain period of time. You will see that as we provide more and more updates, that technology is not intrusive and it does not take away value.


You would have noticed, if you are wearing a smartwatch, and you get a notification, the watch pops up in most digital interfaces. That could be distracting. Everyone knows you are getting a call or notification! This could be intrusive! On this watch, it will only vibrate. It will not pop up. It is only when you turn your wrist to your face does the screen pop up. In situations such as a meeting etc..this is important.

The complete interview is in Watch Market Review - March 2016 on page no. 32 to 34.