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Luminox Advt
WMR - March 2016

The Essential



Here is a timepiece that has links with the history of the brand. The year 1947 was a momentous date in the evolution of the brand and indeed of design as a whole. Based on the principle that time measurement is first and foremost linked to the Earth’s rotation around the sun before being a mathematical division, artist Nathan George Horwitt drew an entirely numeral-free dial bearing only a 12 o’clock dot symbolizing the sun at its zenith. This model was the legendary Museum Watch. The new Museum Classic model retains the original artistic simplicity of the dial with its famous dot at 12 o’clock. In this supremely understated new version, the intense black dial is enhanced by the gold-toned hands and of the famous concave dot symbolising the sun at high noon, once again confirming the timeless nature of this design. A black calfskin strap completes the look. Indeed, this classic is elegance personified.