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WMR - March 2017

Talk of the town


Ranbir Kapoor and Alan Shearer celebrate the Premi

TAG Heuer celebrated the partnership with Premier League Tour, with Brand Ambassador Ranbir Kapoor joining the legend with the football fanatics of India. 4th March 2017 will be a day that football fanatics in India will remember. After all, it’s not often that you get legends like Alan Shearer and actors like Ranbir Kapoor on the same football field!

On the occasion of an event organized by TAG Heuer during the Premier League tour, Ranbir Kapoor, who himself is an avid admirer of Alan Shearer, was asked about his passion for football. To which, his answer
was simple that if he had not been a Bollywood actor, he would have been a footballer and to prove this, he challenged Alan Shearer and tried to score more goals than him while kicking the football towards the challenge wall.

Two teams comprising 2 players each were created for this #DontCrackUnderPressure challenge: Ranbir Kapoor and TAG Heuer retailer partner Ethos represented by Pranav Saboo in the first team, and Alan Shearer partnering with the TAG Heuer India head Ashok Goel in
the second team. Besides the seriousness all the players took to score the goals, it was great fun all around especially when the crowd and media who had gathered in large numbers started cheering Alan and Ranbir. To end the event, both stars signed balls and gave them away to eagerly waiting numerous fans.

We all know about the affinity of TAG Heuer to the world of sport. The brand has been a part of numerous partnerships with the world of sport. The celebration of this partnership with Premier League Tour brought
the football fans of India closer to the brand!