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WMR - May 2017



The Novak Djokovic Limited edition. SSE143

Known for its intelligent and useful of watch technologies, seiko presents the Novak Djokovic Limited edition. sse143. At the touch of a button and using just the power of light, one can adjust to local time anywhere in the world. This new Astron is also quite a dressy timepiece. The design is sleek and sophisticated and has a sports feel that reflects Novak’s passion for tennis. The names of the four tournaments’ host cities, London, Melbourne, New York and Paris, are picked out in yellow on the bezel, the stripe pattern on the dial offers a discreet echo of the way a grass court is mown and the tennis scores of ‘Love, 15, 30 and 40’ surround the dual-time sub-dial in a discreet and witty design accent. The watch is as durable as it is smart. The bezel is made of zirconia ceramic and the silicone strap is strong and supple; whether Novak is travelling, training or resting, his new Astron will be there, keeping him on time with a precision of one second every one hundred thousand years. The case back proudly bears Novak’s signature and individual serial number.