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Luminox Advt.
WMR - November 2016



In conversation with Jatinder Nagpal

New introductions…

The prime product in D’Signer is a Swiss made product. It is of a high quality, made by Ronda and it has a contemporary look. It is a quartz chronograph. We have plans for mechanical pieces as well. We are in the bracket of 15000 20,000. In Escort we have a lot of multi-function watches. The retail price is between Rs. 3500-4500. The response is good. The season has started and it will pick up now.


They have affected sales marginally. But, it is more of a fad and niche market. It has increased curiosity. We do keep studying it, but we feel it needs strong technology support all the time.

Your target customer…

For D’signer, we are in the segment of fashion brands. The youth is our target. For Escort we also target young people in two-tier cities. We have seen that older people also like to have fashion watches. So, the design works across age groups.

Implementation of GST….

It will be positive as the market will be more organized. Even small players and mid-sized players will be happy. The tax will be reduced.


We see more and more multifunction watches. But yes, it’s also about filling up gaps. The trend is to buy what you don’t have in your collection!

India as a manufacturing hub for watches…

We have the best of dial makers, case makers, we are making hands and straps. What we miss is the innovations in design. If we have good designers, product development is not an issue. After China, India is a hub. Thanks to leaders like Titan, they have indeed developed a good vendor base. During the last show in Hong Kong, we saw that many Chinese people showed interest in buying from India.

The complete interview is in Watch Market Review - November 2016 on page no. 30 & 31.