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Luminox Advt
WMR - November 2016



In conversation with Hitesh Sejpal

Gujarat has a rIch busIness history. How has it changed
over the years?

Morbi is the fundamental centre for industries. Along with Rajkot, it has good capacity and infrastructure. They are keen to change. They are improving day by day. An unorganized way of marketing and finance is a hurdle for business here.

ForeIgn brands impact...

The development of our brands is thanks to global brand entries. we have been stuck in certain brackets. But, we have learned how to market premium products from these foreign brands. They have created an opportunity for good premium brands. Their presence has created a lot of positive impact. The requirement of good clocks and décor clocks is increasing. The price is higher. There is a bracket which good Indian brands can take a place in.

Clock versus wrIst watch…

There is a basic difference in the requirement. One can buy five or ten watches as it is also a fashion accessory. With clocks, there is minimum requirement. There is a 10:90 percent ratio in requirement of clocks and watches.


The global marketing scenario is a big challenge. Big players are coming in and they have good funds for schemes. If we don’t have infrastructure we can’t fight. marketing is a costly affair. This is a challenge for an Indian clock manufacturer like us.

The complete interview is in Watch Market Review - November 2016 on page no. 46.