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WMR - November 2016



Clocks for the season

A clock is an integral part of the décor of any room. If the watch market is booming in India, the clock market is also not far behind. People are constantly looking for clocks that fit in their home or office décor, and offer great clarity in terms of telling the time. A combination of aesthetics and functionality always works best and here is where Rosetta comes in.

The brand was first launched at 19th Samaya Bharti International Watch and Clock fair with just 10 models.
Now, they have about 30 models, and they are expanding there range at a very fast pace.

For this festive season Rosetta clocks has recently launched 9 new models in its range. All are very different and unique in design. After a great Diwali, Rosetta is fully ready for the continuing festive and wedding season. They have introduced models that cater to various market segments, keeping in mind tastes of varied customers. Rosetta clocks also has about 20 to 25 new designer and premium pendulum clocks under process which will be introduced in the next quarter.