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Luminox Advt
WMR - November 2016

Talk of the town



With the current Pokémon craze all over the world the time is right to honour a classic. 20 years of Pokémon is celebrated in this partnership between RJ-Romain Jerome has and The Pokémon Company. The result? A limited edition watch of 20 pieces featuring Pikachu.

With a first reference to 21st century pop culture, the
brand pays tribute not only to an icon but to a social
phenomenon which has become a global force over the last 20 years.

Obviously, the most well-known Pokémon character is the centerpiece, taking up the entire dial with a big smile and inviting pose. Placed on top of the dial, the appliques representing the famous Pikachu and the lightning bolt have been delicately hand-painted in yellow cold enamel. The vulcanized rubber strap matches the character’s signature yellow colour.

The dial has been crafted with love and in the spirit
of Pokémon. On the black DLC-coated baseplate, the
engraved lightning pattern reminiscent of the electrifying character is either sand-blasted or satin-brushed to create depth.

This collection is the perfect combination of each brand’s DNA: the star of Pokémon is paired with RJ-Romain Jerome’s star model, the Moon Invader. With a very unique and recognizable shape, the complex titanium case features RJ’s emblematic articulated lugs, the integrated ball-and-socket joints which allow a better wrist adjustment.

Here’s a Pokémon one would not want to miss catching!