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Luminox Advt
WMR - November 2016

Time Unleashed



The Reverso lends itself to the most artistic jewellery
interpretations in a halo of diamonds! The Reverso Cordonnet Neva is part of this brilliant heritage, featuring the aesthetic glory of the Art Deco movement. It reinterprets a model from the 1930s in which the strap was a leather cord. Using the the snow setting technique invented by the Manufacture to reproduce the magic of nature, the artisans have worked their magic on this unique piece.

The artisan jeweller applies the decorative pattern directly on the watch case, according to his vision and inspiration. One by one, hundreds of diamonds of varying diameters are placed side by side to smoothly carpet the surface of gold. Huddled against one another as if in an icy wind, the gems recreate the appearance of the Neva river in winter, as it undulates below the ice covering its frozen surface. This shimmering pattern literally wraps around the curves of the articulated watch, blanketing the fixed parts, the lugs and even the cord, which gracefully embraces the delicate arch of the wrist. A surprising and stunning result is ensured!

The visually stunning snow setting is unique in that it offers a one-of-a-kind experience. The diamonds are pressed together and blocked in place by the last stone set, with no claws to spoil the pleasure of touch. It is a frost of diamonds, all placed irregularly, and yet feel so perfect!