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Luminox Advt.
WMR - November 2018

Talk of the town


The perfect style partner!

Two new timepieces from RADO are perfect for this festive season. Rado’s True Open Heart has a technical twist, but it is also very stylish and simple. It is sleek and features a full high-tech ceramic case and bracelet in a range of eye-catching colours. It is an elegant watch that transitions seamlessly from day to night and always makes a statement!

On the other hand, the Rado’s HyperChrome Diamonds showcases diamonds in full splendor on the bezel. 64 polished diamonds makesure you make a shining attention-grabbing statement! This also features the high-tech ceramic monobloc case that makes the watch so light and durable. The full high-tech ceramic construction ensures it is hypoallergenic and adapts quickly to the skin temperature.

Guess we’ve found the perfect style partners for the season!