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Our Vision - October 2017

Stories of Time



It all starts with a story way back in 1991. The Nantucket watch was originally designed for by Henri d’Origny in 1991. Now, in 2017, there is some downsizing. The beloved watch goes smaller and better! The classic look of the Nantucket featured an elongated case with the “anchor chain” motif. The miniature Très Petit Modèle measures 17 x 32 mm. In what we could call a resolutely rebellious creative saga, this Très Petit Modèle further accentuates the outline of the original drawing.The petit piece sits on the wrist in a highly sophisticated manner. Thanks to the varied versions, you can choose if you want a piece that is dressy, simple, very flashy or pure precious. The watches are water resistant to 30m and powered by a Quartz movement. The watch is available with either single or double wrap-around straps in alligator or calfskin. One can choose from a wide range of colours for the straps too! Not an easy choice for sure…